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Voting for Marriage Equality in Russia

Well, actually I’ve voted against a discriminatory definition of marriage for Minnesota, while I happen to be sitting in Russia… And this utilization of my U.S. constitutional right to vote, possible due to the overseas absentee voter process, is pretty awesome. Back … Continue reading

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The constant calculations of living abroad

Last year, results of a study crediting bilingualism with delaying the onset of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s were published in several prominent newspapers. Learning and speaking multiple languages, the results suggest, improves cognitive skills and boosts brain performance. … Continue reading

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Rooting for the Ruble

One of the biggest identity (and loyalty) shifts I’ve had since moving to Russia regards currency. Though many western foreigners negotiate their salaries to be pegged to the Euro or the USD, this has never been an option for me, … Continue reading

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Putin on the Ritz

A favored Internet meme of Russophiles has forver colored the way I will think of Irving Berlin’s classic song “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” You see, when you have a stoic figurehead named Putin and such a deliciously tasty snack like Ritz crackers, … Continue reading

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“Hungry Games” Review

That’s right, though I have yet to see Lionsgate’s “The Hunger Games,” I did get a chance this weekend to see Lionsgate’s expertly dubbed “Голодные Игры” (which translates back into English as “Hungry Games”). As an early fan (June 2009) of … Continue reading

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Capital Punishment in Russia

There are certain subjects I know to avoid in my daily conversations with Russians. Mostly because I don’t have the vocabulary to eloquently present my position, but also because our paradigms on some issues are just so different. Take marriage equality … Continue reading

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Russian Presidential Election 2012

There’s going to be a presidential election here on March 4th! Here’s what you may need to know going into the election (with as little commentary as possible)… This article in Russia Beyond the Headlines gives a good summary of … Continue reading

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