I first started writing this blog about my experiences at Harvard University. Coming from the non-elitist culture of a Big Ten public school, the University of Minnesota, I was interested in learning how much culture shock I would go through as I attended Harvard for graduate studies. There are stereotypes that surround both the Midwest and New England and I set out to see how these affected my graduate student life. On this blog you can read about some of those insights.

After graduating, I have found myself living in Russia (for the third time). I’ll be spending eighteen months working in Vladivostok (Pacific Ocean, near China and North Korea), and I will document my exciting, absurd and ridiculous adventures in this post-Soviet world. So, here goes my journey, on and on and on and on…


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  1. Julie Blanch says:

    I love this blog! i’m a MN girl myself and have always wondered what an Ivy Leauge school is actually like. I look forward to seeing if the stereotypes are true and if rich attractive men are as easy to come by as the movies and tv shows make it seem! please update us on your personal life to some extent. Enjoy the adventure!

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