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If grad school was a video game…

… it would probably be a really lame RPG where professors give you tasks,  classmates challenge you to a battle of wits and you gain skill points for attending classes. However, there are some extremely sleep deprived days where everything … Continue reading

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Data set drinking games

This semester I got into data more than ever before. GINI coefficient scores, FDI per capita, % of population achieving secondary education, Internet usage per 100 people, World Value Survey data, Transparency International Corruption Perception Indexes, and of course my … Continue reading

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The Cult of Grad School

This semester I’m taking a fascinating History of Science course titled “The History of Brainwashing and Mind Control,” with Prof. Rebecca Lemov. Though it’s not particularly in my area of study, we’ve been discussing Soviet brainwashing (Stalin’s show trials, anyone?) … Continue reading

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OMG Academia

It’s definitely hard to be young in academia, when you’ve not accomplished enough to have any significance in the field, but are expected to start contributing to great scholarly discourse. Though young, fresh viewpoints can have their merits, the experience, … Continue reading

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A witch, a warlord, a writer

It’s not that there weren’t important people roaming around the University of Minnesota, but I had a 5-day stretch here full of brushes with celebrity. Sure, during my undergrad I took a course with former VP Mondale, where people like … Continue reading

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Dear registrar, where’s the Sailing 101 course?

There is no physical education department at Harvard! Granted, I have been able to go sailing twice since arriving to Boston, but I was really thinking a PE class (polo, yachting etc.) would be a nice addition to my academic … Continue reading

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