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Voting for Marriage Equality in Russia

Well, actually I’ve voted against a discriminatory definition of marriage for Minnesota, while I happen to be sitting in Russia… And this utilization of my U.S. constitutional right to vote, possible due to the overseas absentee voter process, is pretty awesome. Back … Continue reading

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The constant calculations of living abroad

Last year, results of a study crediting bilingualism with delaying the onset of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s were published in several prominent newspapers. Learning and speaking multiple languages, the results suggest, improves cognitive skills and boosts brain performance. … Continue reading

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If I could have live tweeted the first 48 hours of my trip…

Because I was feeling way off-kilter without any access to the interwebs, I wrote this. It should be noted that I was quite sleep deprived/jet lagged at the time. There are no time stamps because that would be way too … Continue reading

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10 big ways to enjoy your adventures abroad

It’s important to plan your travel, though of course the best travel experiences are what happen when plans go horridly off course.  Having conquered some travel of my own this summer, I feel I should document my experiences.  So, here … Continue reading

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