If I could have live tweeted the first 48 hours of my trip…

Because I was feeling way off-kilter without any access to the interwebs, I wrote this. It should be noted that I was quite sleep deprived/jet lagged at the time. There are no time stamps because that would be way too much work for this silly entry, but let’s say it starts at 9 a.m. CDT on Jan. 25 and ends at 10 p.m. CDT+17 hours (I don’t know the name of my current timezone…) on Jan 27. Here we go:

Leaving MSP without knowing when I’m coming back is sad 😦

Hurray! I’m finally being paid to travel the world!

JFK has 9 terminals. srsly wtf?

And there are maybe 10 gates at each one… so dumb.

Bah! Must turn off iPhone!! Losing connection with world for at least 20 hours!!! #panicattact

Aeroflot has individual entertainment systems? And I can watch Crazy, Stupid, Love? #neversawthetwistcoming

Juice box style white wine on the plane ftw!

Moscow’s redone Sheremetovo Airport is beautiful, glamorous and ultra convenient.

Both my bags made it to Moscow #winning

OMG, grabbed someone else’s wheeled black suit bag for 10 minutes… #fail

Bags cleared up, proper owner just teased the mortified me #whew

Got two business cards from fellow JFK-SVO passengers #boom:transatlanticnetworking

Second on the plane to Vladivostok #firstpickofcarryonspace

More Russian men need to wear deodorant.

Aeroflot gave me vegetarian meals all 4 meals in a row! #dinnerbreakfastdinnerbreakfast

I just ate 4 airplane food meals in a row…

Well, I did have some Star Wars fruit snacks too!

Flight tracker maps are so cool. I’m so close to China and North Korea and Japan! This is pretty sweet.

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning… where is the sun?

Darkest aircraft landing I’ve ever done: sparsely populated area (outside of Vladivostok) and the sun still isn’t even barely up…

I’m here! My luggage is here! So now it’s time to go into the office?

My dorm has a tv and refrigerator! But drinking is not allowed… which, unlike freshman year, I’ll probably abide by #russiawillmakemedrinkless?

I can see Russia (and the ocean!) from my house #suckitpalin

Why is everyone speaking Russian so quickly at me?! Why do I have a meeting with an important work deputy this afternoon?!

Mmmm just bought amazingly delicious bread…

Good city for walking (with the added excitement of reality Frogger) and these hills are going to kick my butt for a while #icaneatmorebread

Yep, it’s cold.

It’s 6:15 p.m…. why does it still look like early afternoon?

I stayed up until sunset (7:30 p.m.) can I go to bed now?

I get 4 Russian television stations really clearly (and two Korean ones…)

I wonder if US sitcoms seem really ridiculous to non-Americans… Russian sitcoms are odd.

I’m really not even tired! And I only slept a few hours on the planes. I’m going to read some more of “A Dance with Drag…. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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russia! photography! exploring! SCUBA! ice water swimming! vegetarianism! vladivostok!
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4 Responses to If I could have live tweeted the first 48 hours of my trip…

  1. EL says:

    Congrats on being paid to travel the world! Love the ” deodorant ” remark lol .. have you been on a bus yet ? : ))
    Moscow is stunning you should absolutely visit it! I miss my beautiful Moskva! .. Never been to Vladivostok though..
    happy travels,


  2. Sharon Berglund says:

    I love your adventurous spirit Stephanie! Best of luck with everything!

  3. Mike Plant says:

    Great blog! Love the mix of randomness, structure, and clever hash tagging punchlines!

  4. LD says:

    That youtube video cracks me up!

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