On location

I’ve mentioned before that Harvard has not allowed any movie to film on campus since “Legally Blonde.” However, that doesn’t stop movies from being filmed elsewhere in Cambridge. I love movies, and I love movies that are shot in places I know well. So, “The Town” and “The Social Network” are basically rocking my world right now. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve also got great critical reviews going: “The Town” has a 94% positive rating and “The Social Network” is at 97% according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Aside from these films, I’ve also been know to re-watch (or watch) movies of varying caliber to catch the Harvard/Cambridge shots.  “Love Story,” “Angels and Demons,” “Good Will Hunting,” “21,” and the aforementioned “Legally Blonde” have all been watched specifically for this purpose.

Instead of getting all verbose on these exciting cinematic moments, I played with Google maps and made this. Enjoy the map and the beautiful sights of Cambridge!


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One Response to On location

  1. Mike says:

    Love the blog AND the interactive bonus feature. We will have to talk after we both see the movie!

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