If grad school was a video game…

… it would probably be a really lame RPG where professors give you tasks,  classmates challenge you to a battle of wits and you gain skill points for attending classes.

However, there are some extremely sleep deprived days where everything about grad school can start seeming like an epic virtual world of adventure.

Take the libraries for example. There, after finding a reference code you race around the stacks, which in Widener are a complicated labyrinth of staircases, hallways, secret study rooms and tunnels connecting different buildings. In this 10-story building (just one of score of libraries at Harvard) there is also an east and a west wing and these don’t attach on every floor. So, the challenge becomes, how can you most efficiently travel around the library collecting all the books you need?

Avoiding slow moving tourists is another constant task while on campus. This can be reminiscent of a game of Frogger, and you can definitely look as ridiculous as a jumping frog when maneuvering around those massive tour groups, but hey, at least you’re not getting squashed by them!

A final joy I’ve gotten to experience is the Tetris-like calculation it takes to pack up a dorm room to put in storage for the summer. Unfortunately, when you get things to fit together perfectly together in this “game” there’s no satisfying flash of bars disappearing, but rather you get to lug the meticulously packed box down three flights of stairs…

However, moving things into storage and finishing all my finals does mean I’ve reached the big “level up” in my grad school experience, as I am now a G2! Only a year until I complete this “game” and move on to the game of life.


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One Response to If grad school was a video game…

  1. Mike says:

    As you moved everything into storage, were you Ms. PacMan?

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