Data set drinking games

This semester I got into data more than ever before. GINI coefficient scores, FDI per capita, % of population achieving secondary education, Internet usage per 100 people, World Value Survey data, Transparency International Corruption Perception Indexes, and of course my all-time favorite: Freedom House Freedom of the Press scores, kind of rocked my world with their vast information and incredible applicability.

Now, I didn’t actually make these data sets into drinking games, but, generally when I was going from the CIA World Factbook, I would pull up an indicator and try to guess what countries would be at the top or bottom. It was addictingly awesome. If one was making this into a drinking game, I would suggest you look at an indicator, everyone takes a  guess about what country is best/worst and the person closest gets to choose who has to take a drink. Intoxicating in education and fun!! I also recommend using data from the UN database and Freedom House.


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