Brainiac dating? Classy women wanted?

As Jack Donaghy would say, “Three words: porn for women.” Well, maybe not entirely, but the facebook targeted advertising has impressed me again (though the other day I got an ad for badass gear shift covers… though I don’t own a car, am a poor manual driver and am not into chrome skull decor…).

This time the ads weren’t promising $75K for my genetically awesome eggs, but were reacting to my new “single” fb status. I’ve never had a relationship status before, somewhat because I’d seen my friends’ “20 and lonely?” targeted ads and wasn’t interested (I even took my gender off fb to avoid the millions of obnoxious diet ads). Anyway, I embraced my single status a few weeks back and braced for the worst on fb. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised and complimented with the kind of ads I got:

Almost flattering enough to make me click on them… almost.


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