The fare of a fair

Now, no one would ever call me a gourmet.  In fact, I’m a picky eater, a lazy cook and I sometimes forget to eat meals in general. However, I do know my festival food: fried, on a stick, grilled, dipped in butter, fresh-squeezed, etc. Also known as all that is good in this world, courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair.

So, I was thrilled to see blocks upon blocks closed down in Harvard Square for the annual Octoberfest celebration this Sunday. And here’s the food report from the latest Cambridge festival:

I did not see: cheese curds, pronto pups, corn dogs, corn on the cob, funnel cakes, mini donuts, pickles, a milk truck, cookies, funnel cakes or ANYTHING ON A STICK 😦

I did see: thai food, indian food, falafels, fried dough (looked like little rolls), kettle corn, pizza, fresh lemonade, apple crisp, cupcakes, ribs, burgers and much more.

I sampled: a falafel sandwich, kettle corn and some apple cider.

Despite the obvious lack of fried fare, I did enjoy my selections and the streets filled with vendors, performers and jolly festival-goers made for a lovely Sunday afternoon on a bright and crisp fall day. It was not the Great Minnesota Get-Together by any means, but still a great, festive time.


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One Response to The fare of a fair

  1. Mr. McCabe says:

    i often get frustrated by the lack of “real” (fried) food in california. you should see the looks i get when i get fast food. it’s like hell froze over. it’s really so bad to want some grease in your life every now and then? i think now.

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