For the love of the game

Since Saturday, Minneapolis has found itself in a blur of highly anticipated sports events. On Saturday the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers played the evil Wisconsin Badgers, in an epic rival game that Minnesota has only lost for the past 6 years because the good-hearted residents of our state want to give Wisconsin something to be proud of. (yes, we are bitter losers)

On Sunday the Twin Cities marathon tore through town, followed by Brett Favre’s first game with the Vikings against the Packers, which was supposedly the most-watched Monday night football game ever. Today the Twins play and continue to fight for their spot in the playoffs with a one game playoff with Detroit.

So basically, all sporting goodness is being had in Minneapolis these days. However, over the weekend, I learned some exciting things about Boston and its sporting events. First, after late night games the T train (subway) stays open long enough to get people home (usually it closes at midnight, but has been known to run until 1:30 or so for games). The transit people also plan it so that tons of trains are ready to go at the stations closest to Fenway or TD Garden. But the trains aren’t the only things that stay open late. Amid the celebrations following the Celtic’s National Championship and the Red Sox’s World Series, bars stayed open and kept serving alcohol until as late as 4:30 a.m. (bar close is 2 a.m. according to state law). A bartender I met said her boss, a Red Sox season ticket holder, just told her not to serve the cops.

I love sports and I love that this town goes the extra yard to support its teams and fans.


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One Response to For the love of the game

  1. Mike says:

    I miss enjoying the local sports scene with you.
    Looking forward to watching the Gophers BB game on Thanksgiving with you

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