Dear registrar, where’s the Sailing 101 course?

There is no physical education department at Harvard! Granted, I have been able to go sailing twice since arriving to Boston, but I was really thinking a PE class (polo, yachting etc.) would be a nice addition to my academic schedule this semester. At Minnesota, I took a horseback riding and SCUBA certification course and knew others who took conditioning, fencing, racquetball and other 1 credit PE courses.

Well, apparently that’s not how it works at this institution of higher learning. In fact registration is very different here, with a shopping period and study cards galore. But that’s all rather boring, where the recreational/athletic situation is somewhat interesting.

Though there is no PE department, there are several gyms and athletic centers around campus (they’re not called rec centers, a change in vernacular I’m struggling with), but since there are multiple locations and they’re all named after donors, it’s easier to go with that most of the time (poor Hemenway often sounds more like Hemingway though).  They also have free group classes for grad students, so some pilates may be in my future (it’s around $60 per semester for group classes at MN).

There are also plenty of IM opportunities and a deal with the Boston Community Sailing club where you can pay $100 for a month of classes to get certified to take their dingies out, so I should be able to enjoy some fun and games while here.


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