It’s all about the Journey

In life, you sometimes have to take that midnight train going anywhere. I take this line to heart and am currently looking forward to a big move from Minneapolis to Boston. I believe this will give me some of the biggest culture shock of my life, and I intend to document it for all the strangers out there.

On May 17, 2009, I walked across Northrup Auditorium’s stage at the University of Minnesota to receive my summa cum laude bachelor of arts degree to my father’s cheers of “next stop Harvard!”  The excitement and accomplishment felt at graduation highlighted the incredible experience I had being a Golden Gopher. The spirit of the homecoming parades, the sinking disappointment at football defeats (esp. with Wisconsin, see our hearts break at 2:05 in the 2005 video), the joys of amazing basketball moments (thank you, Blake Hoffarber), the chaos of Coffman Memorial Union, sub-zero treks through the campus mall and the assortment of undergraduate fun around Dinky Town.  Having lived within 20 miles of Minneapolis my entire life, I learned to bleed maroon and gold at an early age, and am a Big Ten girl to the core.

So, when I attend my Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences REECA orientation on August 25, I get to start discovering how a Big Ten girl lives in an Ivy world. This blog will offer my midwestern perspectives on Harvard culture, Ivy League quirks, East Coast traditions, Boston customs and any items I find of particular intrigue. I’m interested to see the differences in nightlife, lectures,  sporting events, holiday celebrations, socializing, hobbies, (and really everything) and I expect there will be a few comical situations as I work my way into this foreign world. At the very least, hopefully I’ll entertain a few people with my charmingly obnoxious (?) Minnesotan accent. Regardless, here goes my journey, on and on and on and on…


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One Response to It’s all about the Journey

  1. Valentina says:

    Looking forward to reading about your journeys up and down the boulevard.

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